Fred Perry Polo Shirts – How To Know If They Are Real Or False

The Fred Perry brand is considered one of the most historic and well-known fashion and sportswear brands in British history. It was founded by the English Wimbledon champion with the same name. Fred Perry clothing has always been incredibly popular across the range, starting with nothing more than a simple white polo shirt.

Over the past few decades, the Fred Perry clothing line has picked up, stimulated and, in some cases, created a number of fads and paved the way for them. It was the very first brand to make the transition between street fashion and sportswear when their polo shirts from the subculture & # 39; Mod & # 39; were taken over.

These days, they have expanded their range, for example Fred Perry footwear and accessories, and have now teamed up with various other brands, designers and celebrities to collaborate. The acclaimed European designer Raf Simons has developed unique collections with them for several seasons and has set a number of seasons for working with singer Amy Winehouse.

With the level of awareness that Fred Perry has achieved, sooner or later they would inevitably be the target of counterfeiters. Unfortunately, when a clothing brand becomes more popular, it also attracts the attention of professional criminals and counterfeiters who want to make cheap money from unexpected buyers. The most fake product to watch out for is the Fred Perry Polo Shirt. Counterfeiters find it the cheapest to reproduce and sell, and it's also the most popular original product by Fred Perry.

While it's generally fairly easy to see which polo shirts are fake and which ones are real, counterfeiters sometimes use methods to make the replica look a little more like the original, which can lead to confusion among buyers.

If you're looking for cheap Fred Perry clothing, keep the following tips in mind to distinguish real products from counterfeits. While following this advice cannot guarantee that you will receive the original item (the only way to do this is to purchase it directly from an authorized, reputable dealer), ignoring it increases the likelihood that you will be bothered with a counterfeit.

1) The logo design

The Fred Perry Wreath is a very recognizable brand logo. Because of the simplicity of the logo, criminal gangs find it very easy to copy the logo. Fortunately, only a few of them replicate the data perfectly, so there are still a few points to consider. First, look closely at where the logo is located. Authentic logos are just above the heart, certainly much higher or lower. In addition, it is only ever sewn or embroidered on the polo shirt, never printed.

2) The buttons

With a few exceptions, the buttons for a Fred Perry polo shirt always have the same color as the basic color of the rest of the top. For example, if the polo shirt is mostly red but has a white collar and cuffs, the color of the buttons is always red. However, there are one or two exceptions. One of the collaborations Fred Perry made with the famous Belgian designer Raf Simons used buttons with opposite colors. In addition, there are some limited styles from Japan with different colored buttons. However, almost all Fred Perry polos are the same color.

In addition, the text "Fred Perry" must be visibly embossed on each button.

3) The day

The content label on the back of the inside of the garment is an area that is often overlooked by fake gangs, although it can contain a lot of evidence of the authenticity of the product. This area of ​​the label is generally hard to miss and is provided with the word "Fred Perry" in a very meaningful, crystal-clear sans-serif font, which is complemented by the clothing size and the typical Fred Perry wreath logo. Fake articles are usually designed in a kind of wiry, contrasting typeface along with a really bad attempt at a wreath logo.

There is an urban myth that shirts with a green label are always fake, but this is not always the case. If the shirt you're looking at has been made in recent years, the tag is probably black or blue; but not green. However, if the shirt was made in the 90s, there is a very good chance that it will turn green. A Fred Perry polo shirt with a green label is either old and / or wrong, but it will never be new and real.

4) The store and the dealer

Take a look at the retailer or store where the shirt is for sale. If you can't see the merchant (like when you shop on eBay or Craigslist), look at other items like photos and writing. Check the grammar of any text and make sure you call all the phone numbers provided to see if they are real.

Examine the dealer if you can. Does he or she (and their business) look like some kind of ambassador from a well-known brand like Fred Perry to represent them? Is the store tidy or are the clothes just stacked everywhere? Where is the store located? Is it in a prestigious shopping area of ​​the city or is the store the trunk of a car that is marked in a Wal-Mart parking lot?

Pay particular attention to the retail price. Although the costs fluctuate slightly between the retailers, they are usually not very high. The price of new items is only drastically lower than usual during a sale or a sales event. There will be no regular pricing. If the seller offers a deal like "Buy One Get One Free" for his Fred Perry stock, it is likely to be a fake.

5) If in doubt, stay outside

This tip cannot be stressed enough. If you have any doubts or “bad feelings” about the authenticity of the items, just don't buy them. In this way, you will not be cheated and will not contribute to the success of a criminal company if the object is a fake.

If an article seems to be okay and you still don't feel safe, you should call Fred Perry. They can help you verify the authenticity of the goods by looking at different areas of the garment and pairing the garment with the unique serial number of the product. If they give the green light, you can shop safely.

The best tool you can use to protect yourself against counterfeit products is your brain. If something seems too good to be true, it almost certainly is. If you're drawn to something that seems cheaper than it should be, ask yourself if it makes sense that this item is so cheap. To ensure your safety, the most effective strategy when buying a Fred Perry polo shirt is to find a reputable, authorized dealer for Fred Perry clothing. There is usually a minimum in every major city and there are many online trading opportunities. You can get a definitive list by contacting Fred Perry.

Fred Perry's clothing has been incredibly popular throughout his life, starting with the first simple polo shirt. Fred Perry polo shirts are incredibly popular around the world, both for consumers and, unfortunately, for counterfeiters. Armed with the information in this article, you can identify the majority of counterfeit Fred Perry polo shirts and avoid being a victim of crime.

Source by Dave Kerr

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