A brief history of motocross racing

Motocross racing is a sport that was first developed in the UK. It is a form of motorcycle racing on off-road tracks that is physically demanding and takes place in any weather. There are many fans of motocross around the world who have fallen for adrenaline pumping. It is fast-paced, highly intensive and often a spectacular sporting event. Not only that, motocross gear looks really great when worn by anyone, not just racers. So where did this extreme sport start and how did it grow to the heights it has today?

In the early 20th century, motorcycle test drives were a new form of racing in England. These eventually developed into a race that was the first driver to finish the race. Balance and care (and the associated number of points) were still important to the racing drivers. These races to the finish were often called "scrambles" early on and soon became more popular outside the UK. With increasing international success and interest, the sport became known as motocross racing. This word motocross was the fusion of the beginning of the French word for motorcycle and the idea of ​​a cross country race.

The earliest known "scramble" took place in 1924. The sport became more popular in the 1930s, especially in England, and improvements were soon made to the motorcycles. In this early period there was little difference between road bikes and the bikes used for "scrambles". But soon as the popularity grew, the improvements to motorcycles for racing also increased. There was intense competition in sports and so the motorcycles had to be upgraded. Soon the tight and rigid frames normally seen in bicycles were abandoned for better suspension systems.

By 1952, the governing body of the international motorcycle community created a European Championship race that had been upgraded to world championship heights by 1957. By the next decade, the normal four-cylinder engines that had been popular had become more of a niche product for beautiful competitions. This is because two-cylinder motorcycles were drastically improved during this time and became the norm. It wasn't until 1966 that the sport was actually introduced in the United States. This introduction to sport promoted the intense growth and popularity of the sport. It also spread to Canada, where it is also a very popular sport.

Today motocross is a much bigger sport with many different aspects. There are subcategories of races like supercross and arena cross races that take place indoors. There is also a very popular sub-sport called Freestyle Motocross, which is an extreme sport. Riders in this sport are judged on their ability to perform tricks, jumps and acrobatics on bicycles. Despite this innovation and growth, there are still old school enthusiasts. They often compete with pre-1970s motocross motorcycles at classic motocross events. All in all, it was a relatively short story for sports, but growth and innovation were significant. This is a sport that continues to cast a spell on millions of people around the world.

Source by Jack O Patterson

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