The interchangeability of the Ford 4-speed shifters from 1962 to 1973

There is no Ford Mustang, Fairlane or Galaxie 4-speed gear lever. Although the switching points are largely interchanged, they are only correct for the specified application. Over 30 individual handles were used during this period. All handles with reverse locking until January 2, 1968 had a screw pitch of 1 & # 39; 7/8, thereafter a screw pitch of 2 "… The saddles can be replaced to change the handles from one model or year to another to enable others.

Exceptions to the interchangeability rule are the galaxy top loader boom from 1964-65, which will also fit the Fairlane and Tiger top loader in the same year, and the T10 galaxy boom for a T10 Fairlane transmission. This is the case, although the Fairlane transmission is 2 "shorter.

In 1969, Ford changed the 4-speed shifters to remove the cable lock. The lock function has been built into the shift lever control mechanism itself. This feature was a brittle stamped piece of steel. It usually broke at around 65,000 miles. Depending on the use, the main spring also had the same break problem. Although the control mechanisms between Mustang, Torino and galaxy were essentially the same, the linkages were different and the control handles were different. Only the Mustang Big Block uses an adapter plate and this device has only been used for one year.

Ford went to the Hurst shifter in 1970 and was only used by Mustang / Cougar and Torino / Cyclone, although in 1970 the adapter plate. had a Big Ford part number, they never built a 4-speed into a galaxy. This plate was only used for Torino / Cyclone, and three different adapter plates were used for the Mustang: Big Block, Small Block and Boss 429. The Hurst handles from 1970-71 were flat and 1972-73 round, both with Hurst- Embossed on them and in any case the Torino / Cyclone handles were longer than the Mustang, but the round handles in 1972-1973 were only slightly longer.

The housing of the Hurst switching mechanism from 1970 was chrome-plated and from 1971 to 1973 made of black oxide. 1972-73 The Torino / Cyclone control mechanisms were different from the 1970-71 and used an adapter plate made of pressed steel. There were no part numbers on the plate.

Conclusion: When it comes to Ford 4-speed shifters, you can never say and you can never always say that it is a combination switch at this time. If you restore one of these models and need parts of shifters that know these differences, you can save time and money. Know your source and where to get your Ford 4-speed shift parts so your project goes smoothly.

Source by William Heeley

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