Buy carefully used car parts for a new car feeling

Do you have an older car that runs great but looks a bit dated? Give your car a chance without spending a lot of money by carefully buying used auto parts to make it more comfortable and attractive than your neighbor's new Hyundai.

You can shop online and hope for the best, but there's nothing better than rummaging through an organized junkyard and convincing yourself that your well-preserved inventory is good enough to cover your classic (or not so classic) ride , You will be amazed at how much you can save by bypassing the car dealership and going to an auto parts store.

Use the service at the reception – or do it yourself in the parts yard

Customers can decide for themselves whether they want to use the service of a scrap yard to find a part or to search the inventory themselves. If you are in a hurry or are not ready yet, contact the local staff. Tell them what you're looking for and they'll know the right questions to ask you for details you may not know. You bring inventory that matches your request so you can review it.

You can also just wave hello and go straight to the yard to look for new bucket seats for the front or an elegant bench for the back. Other popular parts to look for that can spice up your ride are:

  • Bumper protection

  • door handles

  • Foot mats

  • lever handles

  • hubcaps

  • mirror

  • spoiler

  • steering wheels

If you see it, chances are very good that you will find it in a junkyard, in good condition and at a price that is significantly cheaper than a brand new part.

How to make these used parts look new

Don't be dismayed if the parts you find are a little dirty. Cleaning parts yourself is not that difficult – just make sure you use the right cleaning product.

For example, if you find leather seats that are perfect for your car, imagine how they would look tidy. Leather can be cleaned with stored products or a solution of one part vinegar and two parts water. If it dries, apply sunscreen to prevent discoloration (recommends

Headlights can be cleaned with cheap white toothpaste that is applied with a rag and rinsed off with water, says the Krazy Coupon Lady. recommends cleaning chrome with a less abrasive scouring pad and a little cola. Use steel wool or crumpled aluminum foil for larger areas.

Numerous auto parts stores and possibly even your scrap yard sell paints to match the parts.

Dealers do not always store parts for older vehicles

Another reason to look for a remaining stock is the fact that many car dealerships do not have parts for older cars in stock and some manufacturers stop producing them after a few years.

This situation is not only short-sighted, but also a loser. According to the IHS, the combined age of all light vehicles on the road was around 11.5 years in January 2014 and is expected to increase to almost 12 years by 2019. As a driver of an older vehicle, you are hardly alone. You may even see some familiar faces chopping on the headlights!

Source by Albert Westbrook

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